"To plant a garden is to believe in the future"


No mess, year-round, happy gardening.

Our microgreens are the easiest vegetables you can grow in your kitchen, scientifically proven to be extremely nutritious, when grown in accordance with nature.

Complete Gardening Kits You Will Love & Share.

Includes organic seeds, smart soil and daylight balanced LED’s,  ready to grow delicious microgreens.

Seed to eat in about a week, happiness is guaranteed.®

Delight with healthy microgreens, love your creations.

Seed Bulk Packs

Refill your Grow Book with bulk seed packs. 5, 10 or 20 Seed Kits available for purchase. Bulk up & save.

Pre-Selected Seed Starter Kits

We pre-selected some of our favorite microgreens and put them in a starter kit, Cruciferous microgreens for smoothies, Salad microgreens for your salad and spicy microgreens to spice up your sandwich.

Sweet, salty with a hint of licorice! 
Blueberry - banana smoothie with micro broccoli. It only takes 5 minutes to fuel your body with a nutritious & delicious smoothie.