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Microgreens Starter Kit

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If you love gardening but hate the mess that comes with it - you are going to love our microgreens starter kit! This kit has everything you need to grow a garden in your kitchen, and you will have access to tiny vegetables in no time! 

It is a super easy device to learn to use and requires very little set up! Simply take one of the soils, let it expand and place your seeds!

    1. 8.25”L 6.25"D 2"H
    2. Weight: 2.1 pounds
    3. 32 LED’s (10watt)
    1. Blending: smoothies, soups & sauces
    2. Mixing: Salad & pasta
    3. Layering: sandwiches, wraps & bowls
    1. Grow Book Kit
    2. 3 seed kits of your choice
    3. USB cord, Wall Plug