Red Basil Refill Kit - Grow Book™

Red Basil Refill Kit

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With basil being the most popular kitchen herb we would like to invite you to grow your own. We prefer fresh cut, non chopped basil straight from the garden. You can grow your own basil using the Grow Book™ and stop chopping this aromatic herb, just cut and throw. Our basil is fantastic on any pizza, pasta, bruschetta or pesto sauce. The applications have no limit and we can’t wait to see your creations. 

    1. Weight: 3gram
    2. About 1700 seeds
    3. Mature Height: 2.5" - 3.0"
    4. Germinate: 5 days
    5. Grow: 8 days
    1. Organic Seeds
    2. Seed Starting Soil Pellet
    3. Grow Book Wet Tray