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Grow Book™ Spicy Edition

Looking to add a healthy kick to your food and snacks? With The Grow Book™ Spicy Edition microgreen kit, you can grow a spicy and adventurous blend of organic mustard, pepper cress, and white radish.

  • Add these spicy greens to your everyday sandwich, wraps and tacos.
  • These delicious greens are ready for harvesting in about 10 days
  • This microgreen growing kit is made with eco-friendly material
  • Easy to use, no green thumb required

This microgreen growing kit comes with a  mix of organic mustard, pepper cress and white radish seeds that makes a great base for any microgreens salad, soup, sandwich, or other dishes. When used together, these microgreens give off a strong kick, perfect for those who like a little extra spice. You’ll love the vibrant zip and a nutritional punch these microgreens offer, that you’ll soon be ready for a  Spicy Edition Seed Refill Kit.

    1. Plant, Plug in & Grow
    2. Width: 8.25” (210mm)
    3. Depth: 6.25” (165mm)
    4. Height: 2” (51mm)
    5. Weight: 2 pounds
    6. 32 proprietary LED’s optimized for growth
    7. USB powered using only 8 watts
    8. Build in timer to control light cycles
    1. 95% paper and paper based products
    1. Your Grow Book™
    2. Organic mustard, pepper cress & white radish seeds
    3. Three seed starting soil pellets
    4. USB cord (3 feet)
    5. Wall plug
    6. Manual

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