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Indoor Microgreens Garden Kit - Power Plants

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  • 🥗 Salad Edition - Power Plants  🥗 Ready in 9 Days.
    Includes 3 crops, Organic Amaranth, Organic Arugula, Organic Purple Radish.

  • Indoor microgreens garden kit, including organic seeds, smart soil and daylight LED’s. Made from earth friendly materials in a space saving design, providing a no mess experience. Chef developed and farmer approved Grow Book is your ideal companion for everyday creativity in your kitchen.

  • With Grow Book you can plant microgreens in accordance with nature and repeat the process again and again. When you follow our guidelines you can quickly achieve consistent results without any prior gardening experience. Plant, harvest, eat and repeat, convenient refill kits are available.

  • Microgreens contain considerable higher concentrations of vitamins and carotenoids than their mature plant counterparts. Start growing today and blend microgreens with your daily smoothie, or mix them in in your favorite salad or layer them in your sandwich. From seed to eat in about a week, only harvest what you need.

    1. Plant, Plug in & Grow
    2. Width: 8.25” (210mm)
    3. Depth: 6.25” (165mm)
    4. Height: 2” (51mm)
    5. Weight: 2 pounds
    6. 32 proprietary LED’s optimized for growth
    7. USB powered using only 8 watts
    8. Build in timer to control light cycles
    1. 95% paper and paper based products
    1. Your Grow Book™
    2. Organic purple radish, amaranth and arugula seeds
    3. Three seed starting soil pellets
    4. USB cord (3 feet)
    5. Wall plug
    6. Manual