Arugula Refill Kit - Grow Book™

Arugula Refill Kit

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Arugula is a very popular microgreen among chef’s & home cooks. Very easy and fast growing using your Grow Book™ you can go from seed to eat in little over a week. Arugula has a nutty and spicy flavor that is quite pleasant in salads. We recommend growing arugula for about 6 days, however you can go a few days longer and enjoy less spicy flavor as leaves maturing. Arugula is good beginners microgreen as it grows fast and easy. 

    1. Weight: 4gram
    2. About 2200 seeds
    3. Mature Height: 2.5" - 3.0"
    4. Germinate: 3 days
    5. Grow: 6 days
    1. Organic Seeds
    2. Seed Starting Soil Pellet
    3. Grow Book Wet Tray

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