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Our Story - 22 years of Microgreens

Chef Torsten & Wang Kay Fung Using Microgreens 1996
It began in 1996 when I moved to Washington D.C. to be  part of America's Top French Restaurant “Lespinasse”. There, for the first time I was introduced to really young greens we called microgreens (picture above on the right - I am sorting through microgreens, Washingtonian Magazine 1997). I remember we would order them in carton flats covered by a ziplock bag. Inside, nicely sorted there were five or so varieties of tiny little plants. It was from this moment I never stopped exploring the possibilities of microgreens.

I have been cooking in many different kitchen around the world and wherever I go to work I grow my own microgreens for the love of gardening. In 2002, I build a greenhouse in the desert, Las Vegas and started to grow and distribute to all my Chef friends in the greater Las Vegas area and beyond. In 2004 I opened a large greenhouse operation in Florida (picture below) where I grew, packaged and distributed microgreens to 30 states in the continental United States.
In 2009 while working in Portugal I collaborated with local farmers to produce the finest vegetables and microgreens I could possibly buy.  Our emphasis on locally sourced produce was rewarded, I received a Michelin Star for my work there. 
In 2011 while in Ohio with unfavorable weather and a short growing season, I learned to grow microgreens inside. With much success I occupied part of the former BF Goodrich Tire Company warehouses in Akron, OH. I discovered how much fun it was to grow tender little microgreens in the midst of a Ohio snow storm (picture below). It was here I discovered my love of indoor gardening and its countless opportunities.
prestine microgreens growing inside our warehouse
With rapidly declining quality minded restaurants we thought this is a great time to stop growing commercially and start developing a system for everyone to grow at home and enjoy the benefits of growing your own.

After many years of R&D, wooden, fiber board and cardboard models (picture below - the Grow Bar one of our first prototypes) we finally settled on paper. We are not fond of plastic and try to remove as much from our surroundings as possible. We firmly believe we need to protect our children and the planet. Our family is grateful to everyone who has supported us in the past. Thank You!
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