Enrich A Child - Enrich Your Kids With Our Microgreens Book And Activity Guide For Just $36 | Grow Book™

Young child engaged in planting seedsIt's imperative in today's world to provide our children with opportunities to unplug, and to reconnect with the natural world around them. With Grow Book we bring two worlds together, building a bridge between technology and science, creating a unique real-life learning experience for children of all ages.

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Learn, plant, grow, eat.

From seed to the table, children will discover lessons in biology, nutrition, gardening, cooking, patience, gratitude and more. An inclusive experience, easily shared with family and friends, tending to a garden is an enriching experience for each child.

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We've made the growing process adaptable to any environment your kids want to learn. Easily stored, with portable power abilities, with our microgreens book children are able to discover a new appreciation for science and health wherever their hearts desire.

child is engaging with the grow book

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