Basil Edition Refill Kit - Grow Book™

Basil Edition Refill Kit

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Refill your Grow Book™ with our bundles & save. 

Our Basil Starter Kit features organic sweet basil and organic red basil that will grow from seed to eat in about 13 days. You can cut fresh grown basil just when you want to use it, without chopping or waste. The Grow Book™ does not require any prior gardening experience, just your interest in growing healthy superfoods at home. 

    1. Mature Height: 2.5" - 3.0"
    2. Germinate: 5 days
    3. Grow: 8 days
    1. Organic Sweet Basil & Red Basil Seeds
    2. 2 Seed Starting Soil Pellets
    3. 2 Grow Book Wet Trays

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