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Grow Blog

With Mother's Day right around the corner we wanted to share our favorite way of showing the Moms in our life just how much they mean to us - with a homemade meal, of course! We've gathered a few of our best microgreen recipes, perfect for a brunch fit for a queen (and the kids can help, too!). 

Plant nutrition is something not to be ignored. Even if you crave meat like a true carnivore, it's imperative to your health - and to Mother Earth's health - that you understand just how powerful plants can be. 
Gardens are a world of knowledge for curious little minds. Like children, a garden is constantly changing and growing. It's a micro-ecosystem of organic life, in all its glory, happening right before their little eyes.
Don’t have a green thumb, or loads of free time to tend to an outdoor garden? You can still have the perks of eating homegrown food and an organic lifestyle with an indoor herb garden. You don’t need to wait for Mother Earth to do her good work, with tools like the Grow Book, you can have your (herb) cake and eat it, too! 
Mother's Day is fast approaching and it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect gift for Mom. You've spent years giving her flowers, necklaces and meaningful cards, but what do you get for the Mom that loves spending her time with the simple things?
Homeschooling can be challenging, frustrating and exhausting. But for some families, this unique (and ever-growing) choice is one that offers flexibility and possibilities not readily available in traditional schools.

The amount of time young children spend looking at screens is beginning to raise more than a few eyebrows. From attention deficit and anxiety disorders, to sleeping and behavioural problems, many parents and paediatricians are noticing a growing (and problematic) trend. 

Pea Tendrils: Changing your salads for the better...

Many people may hear “pea shoots” and think that this means peas. It’s a rational thought, however many are unfamiliar with pea shoots (or tendrils) - and most do not know what they really are. 

We could all use a little stress relief. Regardless of your status or position, life gets tough. And people will try anything for a little relief. From spa treatments, massages and pedicures, to running, reading and exercise, there are plenty of ways to help reduce the affects of stress on your body. However, what many people don't know is that you can gain control over anxiety and stress by paying attention to what you eat.