Shedding Some Light 🔅 On Our Indoor Garden Kit - Grow Book™

February 03, 2018

What type of light helps indoor plants grow? Sunlight is the obvious answer, however - you may not always have access to direct sunlight at the appropriate hours. By using systems like the Grow Book™ (that use LED lights during the grow process), you can garden and grow veggies right inside your own space, any time of year.

With the Grow Book™ we've streamlined the process and turned it into a beautiful interior design addition. The indoor garden kit can be placed in any environment of your home. It's clean, easy, simple and fun - and it's not just nice to look at. It's an intelligent crafted piece of technology.

LED light technology has made huge advancements over the years and our creators were paying attention. We've blended high performance LED grow lights with nature to create a process and indoor garden kit that's equal to that of natural sunlight.

Today there are plenty of LED options that grow better than HPS (high pressure sodium) and MH (metal halide) systems. And the LED light technology is constantly evolving. Improvements continue to be made and the investment is more than worth the quality of a light that lasts for years.They are the way of the future, especially for indoor gardens. 

Our Grow Book uses a full spectrum LED light system, often called a full spectrum whiteLED. There are also blue spectrum and red spectrum LED lights. The blue being best for vegging plants and the red best for flowering. The best LED grow lights across the board usually include both sides of the spectrum. To better understand what the colors mean, review the following:

Our designers are experienced growers and they understand that LED lights are simply the best way to get the healthiest, most vibrant microgreens from an indoor garden kit. The low wattage and zero heat is perfect for growing tiny veggies, herbs and lettuces indoors.

LED lights also consume a much less electricity than traditional grow lights. They are designed to give off the right portions of the light spectrum that a plants needs, so they constantly adjust to save power usage. We're passionate about issues like sustainability, community and healthy food, all three being driving forces behind our indoor garden kits. 

Simply put - we use LED lights because they are the most efficient and economic choice.

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