"To plant a garden is to believe in the future"


How An Indoor Herb Garden Can Change Your Life

  • 2 min read

Don’t have a green thumb, or loads of free time to tend to an outdoor garden? You can still have the perks of eating homegrown food and an organic lifestyle with an indoor herb garden. You don’t need to wait for Mother Earth to do her good work, with tools like the Grow Book, you can have your (herb) cake and eat it, too! 

Especially for apartment dwellers, and busy families, an indoor herb garden is an easy way too add a boost of nutrition to your day. But there’s so much more to gain than just health...


Maybe you don't have a green thumb or top notch chef skills. But that doesn't mean you should stay out of the kitchen. With an indoor herb garden like Grow Book, the growing process is streamlined and controlled, giving busy families the push they need to gather together in the kitchen.

With healthy and nutritious herbs and microgreens ready at your fingertips you can feel good watching your children begin to ask questions about their food as they help create it. Cultivating a healthy lifestyle is important for every family, and finding time to gather together while creating and enjoying a meal is vital to a family's self esteem, communication and overall happiness. 


In such a busy and crowded world full of skyscrapers and concrete it can be difficult to truly stay in touch with Mother Earth. We don't all have time for expensive retreats and we aren't all built for a secluded life in the woods. But what we all have in common is our humanity, and our need to interact with real, organic life to maintain true health.

With an indoor herb garden like the Grow Book, you can have live, healthy basil growing in your home within a week. Not only does basil taste delicious, but it's literally a natural antidepressant. The organic compound linalool(found in many plants like basil) gives off an aroma that has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety. 


The healing power of herbs in the body is a magnificent science. From easing digestion and boosting immune health, to improving heart health and lowering cholesterol, the power of plants is intense. You may not be the type of person who keeps fresh herbs in the house, or even knows what they look like.

You may even roll your eyes at the idea of an indoor herb garden, but once you have them ready and available on your kitchen counter, it becomes second nature to add them into your daily routine. Mix into smoothies, add to sandwiches and salads and garnish any dish with even a small amount of microgreens for a daily boost of wellness.