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Plant Nutrition: Changing The Face of Salads

  • 2 min read

Pea Tendrils: Changing your salads for the better...

Many people may hear “pea shoots” and think that this means peas. It’s a rational thought, however many are unfamiliar with pea shoots (or tendrils) - and most do not know what they really are, or what kind of plant nutrition they offer. 

The pea tendril is the same plant as a pea, but is the green stems and leaves of the plant harvested before pea pods begin to form. The pea tendril is considered a "green", and one that is extremely beneficial. 

These young, microgreen pea tendrilsare perfect for our Grow Book™ users as well, and provide a taste of spring all year round. Stop waiting for the few months out of the year these babies pop-up -  start growing them right now in your home!

So what is it that makes these babies so full of wholesome plant nutrition? 

They are overflowing with vitamins.

Pea tendrils contain 4 times more Vitamin A than tomatoes, 7 times more vitamin C than blueberries and 8 times more folic acid than bean sprouts! It’s incredible that these young pea plants are so rich in plant nutrients. They will kick the nutritional value of any salad (or sandwich) up a few notches.

They have a unique flavor and texture.

Pea shoots have soft leaves, curly tendrils and are truly beautiful to look at. They add a nice aesthetic touch to any salad or dish, not only healthy plant nutrition, and they provide a unique and delicious pea flavor. They cook similar to spinach leaves, but can be consumed raw if preferred. They're a delicate green with an overall pleasing taste and appearance.

They are low in fat and low in energy density.

Pea tendrils have just about 9 calories per 50g. And they contain only a few calories per mouthful. Research has shown that eating a low fat salad as a meal starter will significantly decrease a person’s calories intake for the rest of the meal. This can save you hundreds of calories per week, without even trying. Your body will tell you what it needs; you only have to understand how to listen.

Pea shoots may be a more common term for these wonderfully nutritious greens, but the curly tendrils are easy to love - if you just get to know them a bit better. They'll inspire you to create new salads, stir fry’s and even sandwiches in the name of better health and plant nutrition!