"To plant a garden is to believe in the future"


6 Kids Garden Ideas To Engage Real Life Learning

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Gardens are a world of knowledge for curious little minds. Like children, a garden is constantly changing and growing. It's a micro-ecosystem of organic life, in all its glory, happening right before their little eyes.

But there’s so much more to learn from gardens than the color of nature’s flowers. From character building activities to basic plant life and biology, a garden is a fun way to engage kids in real life learning - outside the classroom. 

It can be easy for intelligent young minds to become bored and complacent. Always ready for something new, it can be tough for busy parents and caregivers to keep up with young children! So we’ve decided to make it a little easier this Spring and Summer, and have gathered a few of our best kids garden ideas to share.


Teach your children how to plant seeds and take care of them with some simple tips. The Grow Book has streamlined this process for parents, and offers additional materials and guides to help educate young, growing minds. With the indoor growing capabilities, and easy storage, our Grow Book is a real life learning experience and overall excellent kids garden idea (for any age!) Caring for seeds may seem silly to adults, but this is a wonderful lesson for kids beginning to understand responsibility and questioning how organic life works. 


(Photo from Twitchett)

Explore real plants, rocks and soil with a garden sensory bin. Use leftover stems after harvesting, different leaves and flowers, soil and (of course) add some water. Create a fun blindfold game for kids to feel each bin without looking and guess what's inside. You can even add kids gardening tools (such as watering cans, buckets and gloves) for extra fun. Getting their hands dirty  and interacting with organic life is an easy, fun and extremely healthy kids garden idea. 



Examine different seeds and stems with a magnifying glass. The simple task of looking at the parts of a garden up close and comparing them is a wonderful lesson to be applied to real life. From a young age children naturally ask why they are different. Why are they smaller than their parents? Why do girls look different than boys? Why are their eyes blue? Why is their skin brown? A wonderful kids garden idea like a magnifying glass can help kids understand each life is different, but equal. This can also be an excellent way to introduce your kids to new smells and textures. And they'll love the magic of nature once they see the intricacies it creates up close.  



(Photo from Red Kite Days)

Recycle empty water bottles to make colorful wind spirals. Make special garden stones with stickers, paint and glitter. Letting young minds explore and develop their creativity is always an excellent kids garden idea. Teach kids of any age about nurturing and self-expression by helping them make a garden their own. Personalising the garden, even a small, indoor space like the Grow Book, can be a seasonal tradition that’s fun for the whole family. Switch it up and let your kids have some fun! 


Dissect a flower and study its parts. This type of biology lesson is a great kids garden idea for children who are old enough to help with pruning and harvesting. Teach kids about the harvest season and life cycle of the foods they eat. Show them flowers and explain the different functions of the plant “body”. It’s so easy in today’s world of technology to just throw kids in front of a screen, but finding at least a few minutes a day to interact with nature is key to a child’s health and development. 


This one may take the kids garden ideas inside, but it's one of our favorites! Cooking and creating a family meal (or snack) is fun for the whole family. It's educational for kids to bring vegetables from the garden to the table, and important for them to understand how to nourish their growing bodies. From harvesting and smelling herbs like basil and cilantro, to mixing, mashing and garnishing - creating a meal with homegrown food is a nutritional biochemistry lesson for kids (and adults!) of all ages!