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5 Tips For Growing Vegetables Indoors

  • 3 min read

We don't all have a natural green thumb or access to outdoor gardening space, but we doall have access to technology that helps bring sunshine inside! With the right tools and technology, it’s more possible than ever to start growing vegetables indoors.

The cost and accessibility of locally-grown, fresh foods is not a reality for everyone. But locally-grown produce is what's best for humans and the environment. Your local community may not have what you need to jumpstart your organic lifestyle, but there's a few ways to start easily growing vegetables indoors right inside your own home.

If you're a complete novice in the gardening department, don't be discouraged. Fortunately, you're not alone! And there's plenty of ways to simplify the process of growing your own healthy eating habits. 


The best place to start growing vegetables and greens indoors is with a grow kit like the Grow Book. It’s the easiest way to begin growing your own produce, compelte with step-by-step, easy to read instructions and everything necessary to start indoor gardening. We’ve streamlined the process with seed kits and LED grow light technology, making it possible for adults and children of any age to participate. Go from seed to table in just eight days. 


Even with an indoor grow system, it’s important you get to know the different seeds. Pay attention to each seed’s unique characteristics. Seeds come in different shapes, color and size. Understanding why will help you better understand the entire growing process. There's an entirely world of knowledge in the tiny seeds of life! For example, a plant that makes smaller seeds has the ability to make a lot of them. The more seeds, the more chances increase that a seed will flourish. However, a plant that creates larger seeds has the ability to provide seeds with more resources, growing a larger young plant than those from smaller seeds - allowing them to absorb more light. 


When you are growing vegetables indoors, especially young, edible microgreens, you don't need much water. You never want to drown your growing veggies or create an environment that's too humid for proper growth. And in turn, you don’t want to leave your plants high and dry. While grow kits like the Grow Book control the lighting process, you still need to manually give young plants about 1:4 cup of water every day. Balance is key. 


Regardless of if you’re pruning, cropping and harvesting plants indoors or outdoors, plants you have various needs. Again, one of the best tips to growing vegetables indoors is understanding the plants and hate they need to thrive. The first thing to do, even with young microgreens, is to always use a sharp, clean tool. This makes pruning and harvesting easier, as well as keepin your plants healthy. 


This is, by far, our personal favorite tip for growing vegetables indoors. Know how to eat them! Explore various plants’ smells, texture and taste. Experiment with different flavor combinations and enjoy the nourishment homegrown goodness supplies. Once you begin to experience more than the aesthetic beauty of plants, you’ll begin to understand just how awesome growing vegetables indoors can be!