"To plant a garden is to believe in the future"


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Sweet, salty with a hint of licorice! 
Blueberry - banana smoothie with micro broccoli. It only takes 5 minutes to fuel your body with a nutritious & delicious smoothie.
Light potato salad made without mayonnaise or egg. It is by far our favorite recipe and goes along with plenty of proteins. It is the simplest potato salad, if done correctly it will please everyone. 
A quick snack for anytime of the day. Pepper cress is part of our Grow Book Spicy Edition and is one of our favorites. Pepper cress grows super fast and is absolutely delicious. 
There are a variety of benefits to growing microgreens indoors. In addition to being a fancy edible garnish for meals, they are packed with a variety of nutritional benefits. With The Grow Book™, growing microgreens inside has never been easier. All you need to do is plant the seeds, plug in The Grow Book, and grow delicious microgreens!
Most people know that greens are an irreplaceable element of any healthy diet! Those following healthy diet plans are, more likely than not, used to eating fully grown foods. However, there are other options that can be even more useful and beneficial: microgreens.
Microgreens are greens that germinate from the seeds of a variety of herbs and vegetables. Microgreens are harvested early in the seedling stage. Typically, once two small leaves appear, microgreens are ready for harvesting. Really, microgreens are just the smaller versions of traditional greens you find in the produce section at a local grocery store or your garden at home.

Summer is here and so is our favorite way to enjoy homegrown herbs - twilight cocktail hour! Plant nutrition is important, but it's so much better when we make it fun. From garden to glass, here's a few of our best basil cocktails. Perfect for a stiff and refreshing drink with friends and family after a long, hot summer day! 

We don’t all have a natural green thumb or access to outdoor gardening space, but wedo have access to technology that helps bring sunshine inside! With the right tools and technology, it’s more possible than ever to start growing vegetables indoors.